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Hearing a song written just for me for my 60th birthday was so emotional.  Taking the thoughts of my sons and putting them to music was so touching, I cried! -- Jan S., West Hartford, CT

When my sons and I were planning a surprise party for my wife's 60th birthday we wanted it to be special.  Your personalized song was the icing on the cake! Terrific job!!! -- Bob S.

Wow. We are sooo excited. Thank you so much for a very memorable song. It's going to be a lot of fun to play it for everyone at the Bar Mitzvah. -- Bar Mitzvah parents - San Diego/Scarsdale

No occasion is too bizarre—our staff has composed music for everyone from nudists to cartoonists
Take-home copies of your song/songs/video/slideshow are an especially fitting memento and can be made available for all attendees, if desired.

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